St. Louis Designated Driver provides you a safe and cost effective alternative to driving home after drinking, preventing you the risk of getting pulled over & charged with a DUI or DWI. By utilizing this service, you can reserve St. Louis Designated Driver to pick you & your friends up and drive you home in your own vehicle from any location in the Greater St. Louis Area!

St. Louis Designated Driver is a “team” style designated driving service. We utilize a 2 person team of designated drivers to pick you up from your location. After you schedule a reservation, an STLDD team will show up 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time at your specified location. One designated driver will meet you & escort you into your own car to drive you to your home. Our other designated driver then follows to pick up your designated driver once you both arrive home. Once at home, your designated driver escorts you to your door and graciously parts ways. Both designated drivers then drive away and proceed onto their next appointment.

St. Louis Designated Driver is here to answer all your questions. Check out the frequently asked questions, the company history, and our many positive reviews if in doubt.