How do you determine the price for my trip?
Your trip distance is calculated using Google Maps because its accuracy level is the closest to military grade GPS. After your pick-up, any additional drop-offs, and final drop-off data is entered, your price is based off the "Shortest route" rather than the "Fastest route" indicated in the list of Suggested routes using the "By car" method. **Note - Your driver may take you home the fastest way, but you will only be charged based off the shortest way home.**
Can we make additional drop-offs?
Yes. Planned additional drop-offs are calculated into your total cost at the time of reservation confirmation. Unplanned additional drop-offs cost $25 each. A stop at an ATM on the way does not count.
Do I have to be a member to use the service?
Yes. A membership is required to secure a reservation and use the services.
I don’t have cash on me, is that okay?
Yes, but we can stop at an ATM on the way home for you. We also accept checks & credit card payment as well. All services are required to be paid in full once final drop-off is reached.
What is the area you cover?
We cover the entire Greater St. Louis area. Click on the map for details.
Where is the scooter?
We do not use scooters like our competitor. We applaud them for the moral effort, but we focus on safety. We can cover a much larger area more safely with professionally trained drivers rather than riding a scooter around to get back home. We care about our drivers too much to put them in danger by letting them ride a scooter on major roadways hoping other intoxicated individuals don’t hit them.
Are your drivers trained?
Yes. We have an extensive training program for all of our drivers. Your safety is our highest concern. Our drivers are professionally trained to chauffeur, trained in defensive driving by the state of Missouri, trained in first aid by the American Red Cross, and also trained in ignition interlock device usage. Those are just a few of the requirements among many other qualifications they must meet before getting behind the steering wheel of your vehicle.
Can your drivers drive a manual transmission?
Yes. Every driver we hire and train is skilled in driving both automatic and manual transmissions. We also have experience in high-line & exotic automobiles with paddle shift, tiptronic, and foreign style transmission setups.
Do you do background checks on your drivers?
Yes. We truly understand the security, sensitivity, and trust of our clients. Therefore, we employ a third party investigative firm to perform national criminal background and personal profile check on each of our drivers. Our drivers must also pass a third party drug screening as well as have a verified clear driving record and pass our defensive driving & chauffeur road tests.
How far in advance can I make a reservation?
You can call, text, or email a reservation up to 3 months in advance. We know concerts, sporting events, and other events are planned in advance, so we offer that opportunity for you.
If I cancel my reservation, will I be charged?
Yes and No. Cancellations BEFORE (24) hours of the scheduled pick-up time will result in no financial penalty. Cancellations WITHIN (24) hours, but prior to (3) hours of the scheduled pick-up time are subject to a cancellation charge of $25. Cancellations WITHIN (3) hours of the pick-up time are subject to the full cost of the scheduled trip. An invoice is emailed to the client stating the cancellation. Any other future reservations scheduled by the client will be void until cancellation charge is paid in full.
Is your service discreet?
Yes. We are a private firm that guards your privacy and your information. Anything that is said within the confines of your ride home with your driver stays there. Secrecy is of the utmost importance to some of our clients, and we respect that. We do not publicize any names or information of clients without written consent.
Will you drive my guests home too?
Yes. As long as everyone is arriving back to the same location, the price stays the same. If different drop-offs are needed along the way, your total cost will be estimated at time of reservation confirmation. Any unplanned additional drop-offs are $25 each.
How many of my guests will you take home?
As long as every guests can travel in your car safely with a seat belt (including our driver), we are happy to see them home safely before we drive you and your car home.
Your drivers are really cute, are they single?
Some of our drivers are, however, we disregard advances made while driving you home to promote the safety of the service. We do not feel it is morally ethic to accept advances made while you’re under the influence. This is not a dating service, nor a means to hook-up our single drivers. We appreciate the attention, but want you to feel comfortable knowing, regardless how crazy or flirtatious you may get (under the pretenses of alcohol), you will be driven home by a professional.
Is tipping allowed?
St. Louis Designated Driver does not require, encourage, demand, beg, plead or guilt tipping from you. The price that is quoted for your designated driving service is the amount you are required to pay. That’s it. If you choose to tip, it is appreciated and should be discreetly given to your designated driver.
Can we request specific drivers?
Yes. We encourage you to request your favorite driver. When doing so, please make your request at time of reservation.
What happens if there is an accident?
Insurance coverage follows the vehicle. The automobile owner’s insurance policy would cover the driver of your vehicle, regardless it be one of our professional designated drivers or your friend. Please read your Member Agreement carefully for details.
Can I drink in my car while your driver takes me home?
No. We do not allow you or any of your guests to drink any alcoholic beverage while our professional designated driver is driving you home. Although Missouri is not in compliance with the open container law (TEA-21), however several cities within the Greater St. Louis area do have ordinances making it illegal for passengers to carry open containers. These cities and the entire state of Illinois do not permit anyone inside the vehicle having an open container within the passenger area of the vehicle according to this law. For your safety and ours, we have decided to refuse open containers in the vehicles we drive home due to the areas we cover.