St. Louis Designated Driver understands how important it is to gain your trust. Afterall, you are letting us get into your personal vehicle and drive you home. Some of our clients were a little apprehensive also before letting our professional drivers take them home. We appreciate that because we want you to feel completely safe before ever using us. Please read the many reviews listed below, and if you still need reassurance, we have a list of references of all races, ages, and sexes to further comfort you.

Jen M.
"I have used the STLDD Service quite a few times in the past. Chad is always very efficient and on time! His rates are much cheaper than a cab...and trust me...I've taken plenty of cabs! lol I trust him to drive my car as he has a background in working with cars that are much more expensive then mine :) I highly recommend STLDD!"
Lisa C.
"As someone who's had the pleasure of utilizing Chad as a designated driver in the past, I highly recommend his services to anyone that has a night out drinking. It is important to keep yourself and those around you safe regardless of how much fun you like to have and Chad supports us by being there as a safe driver and friend during those times."
Lisa L.
"St. Louis Designated Driver is great! I have used them twice now, and will definitely be using them again. They are very easy to work with, friendly and patient, which when dealing with drunk people is very important! They are a safe way home, with the added bonus of having your car at home in the morning. The next time you go out drinking, I highly suggest using St. Louis Designated Driver as your sober ride."
Jeff F.
"Gotta say that St. Louis Designated Driver may be as good as sliced bread, air conditioning and mp3 players. I am not sure what I would do without any of them. Excellent service, on time and even stopped in Burger King's drive thru to get rid of the drunk hunger that we were facing (extra tip included). Will use again and again and again."
Bob S.
"Everyone had a great time out knowing our DD was taken care of using this safe and cost-effective service. They were prompt and courteous, and we will be using them again."
Andrea Q.
"This is pretty much the best thing EVER! it was great to not have to worry about having a ride home during our night! Chad is super nice, especially for having to deal with drunken girls passing out! I will definitely be using them again!!!!!"
Thomas M.
"Ive been using this service for about 3 months now, extremely helpful when you need your car the next day after a night on the town. I am happy at how they come at short notice, and can sometimes alter the original time you schedule. The personal customer service they provide is something you don't see nowadays. In my line of work, drinking is sometimes expected, and this is the perfect service to eliminate all the stress worrying about the laws, and above all else the safety of others, you, and your vehicle. This is a service that I promote to all my customers, my friends, coworkers, and everyone I come in contact with that like to have fun drinking responsible. Thank you STLDD, for getting me home safe every time I call!"
Ashley P.
"Wow, what a great night out at Fast Eddies with good friends! The best part was knowing a sober driver would be getting us all home safely without leaving our car 1 hr away. Thank you Chad and your partner! We will be using this service again and again. Every inch of the set up was as easy as it gets!"
Nicole M.
"My first time using this service and WELL WORTH rides are creepy, what better way to get home with the comfort of your own car......not to mention the fact the driver is the best ever.....I don't know how you tolerate 3 girls hyped up on red bull and passing out within a 45 minute car ride.....but you are AMAZING......truly the best thing to hit the streets of St. Charles/St. Louis YET !!! Everyone needs to know about this service!!! MUCH MUCH cheaper than a dui/dwi and much safer way to get home. THANK YOU !!!"
Randall W.
As first time users three nights ago, my wife and I were amazed at the professionalism, promptness, courtesy, and safety that Chad's company offers.

Our needs were somewhat unique in this case, and Chad went over and beyond to fulfill our request. And, promptness of service is an understatement!

Scott, the driver which drove our car home was equally professional and kind. He was very conversational and pleasant. When I commented on a car that was possibly tailgating us with bright lights, his response was something to the effect of: "My sole responsibility is to see that you arrive home safe...and to not get into any incidents."

This is first rate, top notch professional service in every regard.

Although I'm sure he can't be there in every instance, Chad was there for us from beginning to end on this run.

I have his contact info in all three of our cars, and both of our wallets!

We WILL see you again, Chad and company!

"Thank you to all of our clients for your helpful & informative reviews!"